The Great Foodservice Reset: The Industry After COVID-19

JUNE 2ND, 2020

2-3pm est


In our recent webinars, we have discussed how the COVID-19 virus has been affecting areas of the foodservice industry. From manufacturers, to distributors, down to operators, the foodservice supply chain and demands have drastically changed during this global pandemic. The CPG industry is trying to adapt to the rapid shift and address the disruptions in many areas, but how will this effect the future of foodservice?


In this discussion, Jim Klass, an expert in the foodservice, distribution, and manufacturing industry, will give us a glimpse into the possible future of the foodservice business. What will the future look like after the “Great Foodservice Reset”? Jim will share his thoughts on how the new ecosystem will be structured and how manufacturers will need to change to thrive in a smaller foodservice world. Will your businesses be one of the winners in the end?

In this webinar, we will discuss:

Estimates on how the various channels will fare

How to restructure to build trust

The importance of digital moving forward

How the relationship between manufacturers, distributors and operators will change

Webinar Replay: Great Foodservice Reset

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Jim Klass

Jim has over 40+ years of experience in the foodservice industry. He established MarketIntelligence to provide a unique view of the challenges, opportunities and business cycles, having worked closely with executives at hundreds of large manufacturers, distributors, transportation providers and large operators.

Jim Klass
Managing Director MarketIntelligence

Chris Rice is a 30+ year CPG industry veteran with extensive experience in sales and marketing from a manufacturer and solution provider perspective. This experience come from varying roles at IBM DemandTec, Information Resources Inc., CAS and Quaker Oats Company.

Chris Rice
SVP Sales & Marketing
at Exceedra


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