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introducing Exceedra's 'next generation' Rapid image recognition

december 3, 2020

11am sgt | 9:30am GMT | 2pm EST


Join Exceedra on a global webinar where we will be formally launching Exceedra’s ‘Next Generation’ Rapid Image Recognition technology which will give your Sales Force the edge in store compared to many other similar software solutions offering this capability.


Dramatic changes in consumer behavior, social distancing and the importance of employee safety has meant it is harder than ever to have ‘eyes in the store’ and deliver your picture of success. It’s likely that your Sales Force have never been under more pressure to ensure on-shelf availability and share of shelf in the most challenged trading environment most of us have ever experienced.

In this webinar, we will explore the major benefits of Exceedra's next generation Image Recognition "Shelf Intelligence" technology:

How it can deliver actionable results in less than 3 minutes, and with up to 98% accuracy, compared to traditional image recognition of up to 15 minutes. This ensures a positive impact on your perfect store score and shelf compliance on every call

How it can deliver time saving of up to 80% on the average in-store execution enabling more productive time with your retail customers and more resources to cover more calls

How you can drive incremental sales by completing your current retail execution solution with Next Generation Image Recognition

And all this, at an uncharacteristically low cost and painless implementation in a way only Exceedra can provide

3 Key reasons to attend the webinar:

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Let us show you how the right investment provides the right results.