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The Integrated Enterprise

This engaging panel will discuss the market conditions, business scenarios and outcomes possible through process alignment and optimizing the use of internal and external data across the value chain. From supplier to consumer, there is a massive amount of information available today to fuel strategy development, business planning, execution, and insights. However, we still face barriers that prevent the broader adoption due to legacy architectures, inertia to change, and silo’d organizations. Come brainstorm with this CPG Panel on how companies are identifying high value areas of opportunity, the approaches to break down barriers, and the transformational benefits from an integrated enterprise.

Why is this important & more relevant than ever?

Information overload & Insight starved

Emerging AI technologies to improve speed to insights

Speed of business and consumer behavior change

Need for agility to support frequent shift of business across channels, brands, and competitors

Let us show you how the right investment provides the right results.