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How To Deliver Better Outcomes At Retail With Machine Learning And Retail Execution

Microsoft and Exceedra hosted a joint webinar on “How to Deliver Better Outcomes at Retail with Machine Learning and Retail Execution” on Thursday, June 17th. 


Your organization’s rich data is one of its most valuable assets, but how do you ensure you’re using this data for the greatest outcomes? In this webinar we discuss how you can put your data to work to gain key insight. In turn this will enable you to maximize outcomes by focusing on the right activities at the right time, using technologies that are within your reach.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

What - The current state of Machine Learning adoption in the Consumer Goods industry

How - The most common applications of Machine Learning applied to Retail Execution, and how they deliver for your business

Why – Discover how technology solutions from Microsoft + Exceedra can help you drive growth

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Naveen Tadepalli

Naveen is a Business Strategy Leader for Data and AI for Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Naveen led the digital transformation journey at Starbucks across Store Operations (Front Line Workers) and Supply Chain for 5 years.

Naveen Tadepalli
Business Strategy Director, Data & AI at Microsoft
Andres Jejen

An expert in market needs, Andres is a Software Consultancy Executive with ample experience in sales force automation, sales and audit management systems, medical promotion systems and software related with Sales Force Mobility, for the CPG and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Andres Jejen
VP of Solutions Engineering at Exceedra
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