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Exceedra Retail Execution solutions highlighted in 2021 VDC Research Report

“[Exceedra] offers distinct, customizable workflows and capabilities that an organization can leverage as a toolkit to specifically address its needs across the entire product lifecycle. The visibility that this tailored solution then provides to that organization enables every efficiency available.”

VDC Research finds that among consumer goods supply chain stakeholders, a key obstacle is the need for digitization at the network level and the continued impact of COVID-19 at field level. It is important for decision makers to partner their organizations with trusted and experienced technology providers that can help facilitate smooth, supported deployments as they look to expand their full distribution lifecycle capabilities.

In this 2021 report, Exceedra is highlighted for our mobile solutions that provide consumer good companies with the real-time visibility and data-driven insights that empower their field sales teams to achieve immediate improvements to in-store execution.

Exceedra Solution Suite

The Exceedra solutions suite includes Retail Execution (RE), Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Point-of-Purchase (POP6), Rapid Image Recognition (RIR), Proof of Delivery (POD) and Analytics (G2).

Our software innovations leverage Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Image Recognition, Enhanced Gamification and In-Depth Analytics to drive informed actions, take advantage of untapped productivity, and quickly respond to everchanging strategic challenges in the operation.

“Exceedra connects all customer-facing workers such as drivers, field sales reps and merchandisers as well inside sales and customer service teams using mobile devices. The net result is complete visibility of an operation and real-time service to the customer.”

What our clients are saying

Regarding the benefits of the solution’s rich data capabilities, an Exceedra customer described in an interview how their operation improved after implementing selling, order taking and point-of-sale evaluation capabilities. Renato Molina, Service Manager of Regional Apps Americas and Application Services of Mars Global Service, explained that Mars’ tailored Exceedra deployment improves worker productivity with guided step-by-step mobile procedures, and importantly, allows them to capture critical point-of-sale assessment and customer compliance data that informs crucial business decisions.

“We initially went with Exceedra because these kinds of solutions were a competitive trend, and then we quickly realized it was the right thing to do because it helped us make more educated business decisions – the solution drastically improves and speeds up our operation.”
Renato Molina, Mars Global Services, Customer for 10 years

About Exceedra by TELUS

Exceedra by TELUS is one of the largest global pure play consumer goods solution providers. We strive to continually create business value for our clients by equipping consumer goods companies with smarter sales and distribution capabilities that improve agility, increase efficiency, and enable better decisions, in order to increase profitability. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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