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The Exceedra


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“The Exceedra team were extremely professional at all stages throughout the process. They delivered a stellar job and were always on time, even when we had to add additional unplanned
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Unicharm China

Read how Exceedra implemented POP6 Sales Force Automation and Rapid Image Recognition to leading consumer goods company, Unicharm China.
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White Castle

White Castle improved visibility and forecast accuracy with the Exceedra Trade Promotion Management Solution. Read the case study.
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Impact Group

Impact Group optimized productivity through automation of manual processes and increased sales visibility with GenWeb. Read the case study.
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案例研究: Weetabix

Weetabix加强渠道促进流程以及实现管控和ROI的可见性。 与许多制造商一样,Weetabix的渠道支出是业务上最大的单一预算,因此面临着巨大的压力来通过吸引并获得新消费者来确保得到更可能多的收益回报。 点击下载,您将获得完整案例,以了解Exceedra如何在Weetabix公司部署TPM解决方案。
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案例研究: KIND 零售

“这项投资带来了巨大的红利” 最初成立于2004年,当时KIND Snacks增加到80,000美国分销。到了2014年,现有系统已经无法持续支持和管理销售计划和结算。尽管KIND的渠道支出产生了积极的总体回报,但制造商无法区分成功和不成功的投入,因此无法实现投资回最大化。 点击下载,您将获得完整案例,以了解Exceedra如何在KIND 零食公司部署TPM解决方案。
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Hatch Chile

Hatch Chile increased efficiency and expanded their business to nationwide retailers with GenWeb - Exceedra’s EDI ready Order & Sales Management Solution.
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Wunder Creamery

Wunder Creamery improved efficiency and financial accuracy with GenWeb - Exceedra’s EDI ready Order & Sales Management Solution.
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Hillman Group

“Our partnership with Exceedra is great, we have a great cadence with the support group, everything is like clockwork. We started out the right way and the relationship has matured
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Gehl Foods

Gehl Foods realized they needed much better control and visibility with the Trade Management portion of their business.
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