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This week on Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj, Exceedra Director of Sales, is joined by Tiffany Carreker, General Manager and VP of Sales at White Castle. Tiffany shares the keys to a successful Trade Promotion Management (TPM) implementation.

Below are the three keys to success when implementing a TPM system highlighted in this episode.

1: Getting all the key stakeholders in the organization involved

“First and foremost, the most important thing is getting a lot of people in the organization involved – all the key stakeholders for the implementation – IT, Accounting, anybody that you can think of that could benefit from the outcome of the data or that you are going to need in order to implement the system.” – Tiffany

2: Defining the problems, you are trying to solve

“Also, you have to know what problems you are trying to solve for. The TPM system solved a lot of problems for us and we use it very extensively but some organizations might just want to get out of Excel.” – Tiffany

3: Cleaning up your data in ERP

“Cleaning up your data in ERP before you ever start trying to implement TPM and have the data transfer over is really key. Our data in ERP was kind of a “hot mess” so there was a lot of work done on that side before we ever tied anything in the TPM, and I think it saved us a lot of time on the backend when we were actually pulling data out of TPM because we knew it was accurate.” – Tiffany

Brian: Tiffany what was the biggest benefit realized that comes off the top of your head from your TPM implementation?

Tiffany:  It is probably the biggest on the top of my mind because it is something I use every day. It is the fact that I can get up to the minute sales and trade data and I know that it is actualized and real. The benefit is the fact that I literally could log in right now and get updated data – it would show me what shipped in the last 5 minutes. We obviously have a ton of other benefits that I talked about in the presentation but that is the one that I like the most.

Brian: And that is you echoing exactly what I said in a lot of other episodes that we had prior to this. Exceedra TPM does not actually change the data you have but rather puts it in a shape that makes it readily available for you to make clear insights and have the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

"The biggest benefit is the fact that I can get up to the minute sales and trade data and I know that it is actualized and real." - Tiffany Carreker

The full presentation “White Castle’s TPM Journey: How White Castle Utilizes Best Practices To Improve Promotion And Planning Excellence” provides in depth insights on the outcomes expected, having the right infrastructure as you are going into a TPM system, creating a single source of truth, involving the right people at the right time, having the right level of hierarchies, the importance of forecasting, clean master data, and understanding the direct and indirect relationship before you get into a TPM system.

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