Exceedra Byte: Oregon Ice Cream's TPM Journey


This week on our vlog series Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj, Exceedra Senior Director of Sales is joined by Joelle Simmons, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at Oregon Ice Cream. Joelle shares how the Oregon Ice Cream team has been able to improve trade spend visibility with Exceedra Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Solution.

Joelle explains that the degree of familiarity and functionality of Exceedra TPM Solution was perfect for their company needs. In typical small and medium sized businesses everything is running on Excel, so they were looking for a way to cohesively bring that together within the Sales and Finance organizations predominantly and having positive impact on the demand planning in their Operations team. They did not have a strong functioning skill of being able to capture the sales forecast at item level nor were able to plan trade spending and associate that trade spending to a particular event and post event go back and find out what their return on investment was.

Step one was the benefit of getting to a sales forecast input at item level on a by month. The second stage of that was to implement and have all their trade spend promotions within the system. Joelle sees the benefit really transferring to a finance team standpoint and being able to link all of their trade spend investment to actuals and then move into return on investment analysis. And then to be able to plan their trade spending not only at direct customer level but at the indirect level. Many companies really struggle with getting visibility to that indirect customer because a large amount of their business is still going to the distributor base network which was the story for Oregon Ice Cream. Exceedra TPM Solution helped the team analyze return on investment at the indirect level.

“I think their customer service is absolutely fantastic to help you through that process. And the user community is very strong as well when you have questions or need to kick things around, they are there.” – Joelle Simmons

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