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Exceedra Byte: KIND Snacks' TPM Journey


This week on our vlog series Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj, Exceedra Senior Director of Sales is joined by a special guest Jill Watson, Director IT Finance Systems at KIND Snacks. Jill shares insights from her experience with KIND Snacks’ implementation of Exceedra Retail TPM Solution.

KIND Snacks is a food company that was founded in 2004 in the United States. The snack manufacturer created a new healthy snacking category with the introduction of the first KIND bar, made with real fruit and whole nuts. Today, KIND bars are sold at more than 150,000 stores in the US. KIND Snacks entered several new snack categories in 2020, marking their biggest year of innovation to date. KIND is now in over eight grocery store aisles – from snack mix to the frozen section.

KIND Snacks chose to go with Exceedra in 2012. Jill Watson explains that the company has many indirect accounts and Exceedra Retail TPM Solution can handle that relationship of having indirect accounts. Therefore, it was a nice fit for them to use a tool that works well for the industry.

“The customer service is a really big part – they care about their clients. They are willing to work with their clients to make system modifications. If the system does not do exactly what you need, you can ask them – can you do this so we can perform better and get the data that we need in a way more meaningful to us.”  – Jill Watson

Jill continues: “They also have a lot more functionality that we were not using so we worked with them to enhance the use of our system to forecast our base forecast and also forecast against the incremental spend.”  

KIND Snacks brought the Exceedra team on site. We worked through a new training plan, built new training materials, and brought that to market internally with their sales team to use that better functionality so they can get better data.

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