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Exceedra Byte: Year in Review


In this Year in Review Exceedra Byte episode, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect upon our successes as a company in 2021. Brian Kolubinskyj, Exceedra Senior director of Sales, Richard Burton, Exceedra Global Director Customer Success, and Andres Jejen, Exceedra VP of Solutions Engineering take us through some of this year’s highlights.

This year we hosted numerous webinars and virtual events. We strive to be thought leaders in our space and we continue to provide best-in-class content that helps consumer goods companies navigate their way through these unprecedented times.

In April we started our new vlog series Exceedra Byte where we take complex topics and break them down into bite-sized chunks. During the past several months, we’ve covered topics related to Trade Promotion Management & Optimization, TPx, Revenue Growth Management, Retail Execution, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many others.

We also launched two new blog series this year:

1. “A Consumer’s Fresh Eye on the World of Retail Execution, where we explained what it takes to get a product seen and sold, the benefits of crowdsourcing, image recognition and smart analytics, as well as the psychology of selling and shopping.

2. “Understanding Best-in-Class Trade Promotion Management Capabilities and Processeswhich is geared both for people just getting into this space, and also for customers looking for some indicators to help make the most out of their existing, or potential, investment.

Exceedra was highlighted in the 2021 VDC Research Report for our Retail Execution Solutions that provide consumer good companies with the real-time visibility and data-driven insights that empower their field sales teams to achieve immediate improvements to in-store execution.

“[Exceedra] offers distinct, customizable workflows and capabilities that an organization can leverage as a toolkit to specifically address its needs across the entire product lifecycle. The visibility that this tailored solution then provides to that organization enables every efficiency available.”
POI 2021 RetX Award

In addition, Exceedra was awarded ‘Best-In-Class’ in the following five areas for Retail Execution by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI):

  • Analytical Insights
  • Connected Enterprise
  • Predictive AI/ML
  • Retail Activity Optimization
  • Retail Merchandising
POI 2021 EPx report

We also received a ‘Best-in-Class’ badge for our Trade Promotion Management Solution in five functional areas: 

  • Desktop UX
  • HQ Analytics & Insights
  • Field & Analytics Insights
  • IBP/S&OP Capabilities
  • Foodservice

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Exceedra Byte is a weekly vlog series where we take complex trade and revenue growth management topics and break them down into byte-sized pieces. Stay tuned every Thursday for new episodes.

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