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Exceedra Byte: The TPM Paradigm Shift


On this week’s episode of Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj explores the TPM Paradigm Shift theory.

What is a paradigm shift and how does it relate to TPM? During a lockdown walk last year, Brian remembers listening to Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book in which he describes what a paradigm shift is.

The paradigm shift described in the book was Nicolaus Copernicus and his theory about the Earth revolving around the sun.

But before that everybody thought that everything revolved around the Earth – the Sun, the Moon, all the planets, they all revolved around the Earth. OK, the Moon still does but the idea is when he came up with this theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun, nothing really changed.

The Earth did not just start revolving around the Sun once he had this idea. It was just a change in how he looked at it.


TPM Paradigm Shift

That same idea is very similar to the Trade Promotion Management process.


But before you have a TPM solution in place, everything has to revolve around the sales. Sales is going to be the center of your universe.


Profit, price points, marketing, mix – they all must be aligned around the center which is sales.



TPM Paradigm Shift

But once you have a good TPM solution in place, it allows you to put other things at the center of the universe.


If you want to drive more profit, it will tell you how to change your mix, how to change your price points, how to change your marketing to drive that. 


If you want to reduce trade and put that in the center of your universe, it will give you a clear alignment of everything that you need to do to accomplish that goal.

Just like Nicolaus Copernicus did not change the orbit of the Earth, a TPM solution does not change the data you have. Rather, it just changes the way that your information is structured, the flow of that information through your organization, and ultimately how that information is consumed. 

A good TPM solution gives you the right information at the right place at the right time to allow you to make more efficient and effective decisions.

So, in a bite-sized summary, a TPM’s focus is helping companies harness their data through technology which connects people, processes and systems enabling continuous and accurate information flow from insight to execution.

Join us next week when we will cover the expected ROI that a TPM solution should deliver.

A good TPM solution gives you the right information at the right place at the right time to allow you to make more efficient and effective decisions.

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