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Exceedra Byte: The ROI On your TPM Implementation


This week on Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj breaks down the ROI you should anticipate when implementing a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution.

ROI, or Return on Investment, measures the gains realized such as time, money, accuracy, efficiency vs the investment made.

But first and foremost, you want to know how much money this solution is going to save you because you cannot deposit time or accuracy into the bank.

Independent studies have shown that consumer packaged goods companies can realize 5%-25% in trade spend improvements after implementing a TPM system.

In this episode Brian talks about a real-world case that Exceedra did with one of our partners Hain Celestial.

Like many consumer packaged goods companies right now, Hain Celestial were struggling with inefficient promotions, invalid deductions, wasted people resources, and inaccurate forecasts.

After implementing Exceedra Retail TPM Solution, they were able to:

This allowed them to eliminate a full-time sales admin headcount and let them reallocate that resource to sales goal driving activities.

Hain Celestial is just one of many stories of significant ROI realized from implementing one of our TPM solutions. For more case studies, click here.

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