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Exceedra Byte: Six Steps To Building A Successful Business Case


Find out more about the benefits of increasing your TPM capability.

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This week on Exceedra Byte, Brian Kolubinskyj shares six steps to building a business case to increase Trade Promotion Management (TPM) capability.

The best place to start is by defining your objectives. What is your desired outcome and what is achievable for your business?


To build a full end-to-end business case, you need to ensure you have covered the six steps below:

Step 1: Creating a burning platform

Creating a burning platform is the idea of identifying and voicing a business-critical issue or crisis that needs to be solved immediately. Think about what keeps your senior team up at night. Ultimately, you want them to think that TPM was their idea.

Step 2: Identifying a vision for a better future

Identifying the challenges is not enough, you need to create a vision for how you will improve ways of working within your organization and show what the outcomes of these improvements could be.

A good starting point is to identify where the problems and opportunities are internally vs externally. Turning these issues and opportunities into one end goal that all departments and senior stakeholders can see a benefit from is an important part of getting your business plan approved.

You then need to identify the deliverables to achieve this end goal.

Step 3: Aligning the benefits and the benefactors

You will need to identify the areas of improvement that are crucial to your business and give an idea of the ROI you can expect from the project.


These can include:

  • Reduction in trade spend
  • Improved trade spend ROI
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Better customer plans
  • Improved settlement
  • Time saving per week

Step 4: Demonstrating the value

Design a proof of concept to validate or disprove the business case. In addition, you will need to link the deliverables to system process changes and relate some measurable benefits to these.

Step 5: Overcoming the blockers

There will always be naysayers and people that are reluctant to change.


However, overcoming and converting these blockers will lead to confidence, control, visibility, and alignment and ultimately a successful project.

Step 6: Landing the change

Now is your opportunity to demonstrate to your team members how your work habits are going to align with the new ways of working, the new systems, the new processes, and the new data flow.

If you want to explore in more detail the process of creating a business case, download a free copy of our white paper “Building a Business Case to Increase TPM Capability”.

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