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TPM Reporting

Disclaimer: Reports shown in this article may look slightly different or may not be available in your application as each client has unique configurations. If you see items that might benefit your organization or you don’t currently have access to these reports, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Exceedra Sales Planner has several reports within the application to help people analyze and help inform what people should do next. There are 3 types of reports available for people which includes: 

  • In-Context Reporting 
    • Embedded reports/charts within overview and editor pages 
    • Provide analytics at the point of decision in the planning process 
    • Ranking of LY promotions by actual ROI, review promotion P&L before committing to plan 
  • Standard Reports 
    • Process-aligned standard reports for managing day to day operations and supporting frequently asked questions.  
    • Aligned to department / user group / business function 
  • Self Service Analytics and Drilldown 
    • Embedded multi-dimensional cubes with pivot table style interface 
    • Provides self-serve ad-hoc reporting: save, share and export to Excel 

The following knowledge base will walk you through all the reports that are available, how to access them and what they are designed to do.


Click on one of the following links to find out more details on each of the reporting types:

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