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The Grocer HFSS Clampdown Conference

Tuesday, March 15

London, UK


Exceedra is excited to be sponsoring The Grocer’s HFSS clampdown conference on Tuesday March 15th.

The government’s clampdown on high fat, salt & sugar products in the next 12 months is unprecedented in its severity and reach.


The cost of the in-store and online promotions ban alone, set for introduction in October 2022, is expected to top £3bn, and will result in the biggest changes to supermarket layouts in over 40 years, according to experts.


On top of that, a ban on HFSS advertising from January 2023 will also severely limit the ability of brands to market HFSS food and drink both online and on TV.


In light of these seismic changes, The Grocer is convening a one-day conference to explore the implications of the upcoming UK legislation.

A combination of presentations and panels will feature a wide array of outstanding experts hand selected by The Grocer’s editorial team to explain the changes from all angles including: range reviews, in-store marketing, shopper behaviour changes, store layouts, exemptions and opportunities, the future of advertising, impacts on obesity, the role of new product development, online and social media promotion, and more.

There will also be lots of opportunities for networking and to answer your questions.

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Meet the team at the conference:
Alice 300×300
Alice Harrison
Customer Director EMEA at Exceedra
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Craig Woolf
Sales Director EMEA at Exceedra
William Lowther
Customer Director EMEA

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