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Tag: Revenue Management

Consumer Goods Revenue Growth Management Forum 2023

Join us in London for the 2023 Consumer Goods Revenue Growth Management Forum featuring keynote speakers and interactive workshops. Network with industry experts and leave with actionable insights to grow your company's revenue and profitability. Register now to secure your spot!
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Localizing assortments in an era of lumpy supply chains

Pre-pandemic, grocery retailers had already begun to move toward ranging in a given category beyond just the two biggest brands and a niche or premium brand. Localization requires going a step further.
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The post-COVID promotional landscape – fewer, better promotions

As many retailers around the world seek to reduce promotional intensity in order to improve efficiency and recalibrate their base prices, it seems almost certain that brands as well as retailers will have to be more considerate and meticulous in terms of the promotions they decide to execute.
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Confectionery revenue management in COVID times faces headwinds

The past twelve months have been challenging for one of Australia’s favourite categories, confectionery, with sales likely to remain subdued. Pantry stocking of indulgent treats earlier in the pandemic, combined with consumers working from home snacking on anything and everything, resulted in consumer ‘COVID kilo’ weight gains.
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Revenue Management in the age of Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology has served to make the supply chain and forecasting, particularly for promotions, easier and more reliable.
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Beer Revenue Management: A juggling act

Downward price pressure in the beer category can be offset by a concerted portfolio, pack and price strategy leveraging consumer trends toward premiumization. Learn how revenue management can become a key tool for businesses to maximise revenue growth through analytics that predict consumer behaviour.
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Effects of COVID-19 within retail post-Brexit

Prior to the Brexit conclusion, businesses developed numerous scenarios based on differing assumptions to the negotiations. There are projections that Brexit might bring more long-term damage and losses to UK retailers than Covid-19, so how can businesses prepare for these changes, both seen and unforeseen?
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Revenue growth management 2021 – a return to 2019?

Given the disruptions to shopper behaviour and supermarket retailing in 2020, likely to be continued through 2021, how can revenue management be best employed?
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The 5 keys to a successful CPG software implementation

Looking at the five basic principles that can have a dramatic impact on the success of your software implementation
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Creating A Solid TPM Foundation with Method Products

Brodie Nissen, Sr. Director Sales Planning at Method, shares his TPM key learnings from his experience with various tiered consumer goods organizations and his exposure to how they managed trade.
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