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Tag: Data Harmonization

trade promotion analysis

Analyze This

Gaining visibility and automating analysis is key, and this can be difficult if promotions are managed through a series of Excel spreadsheets.
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Singing from the Same Trade Promotions Songsheet

Data harmonization as part of a TPO system ensures that your business choir is singing in four-part harmony from the same songsheet, for a result that is more pleasant to the ears, eyes and P&L.
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G2 Analytics: Delivering Business Intelligence to CPG

Discover how CPG organizations leverage the advanced functionality of G2 Analytics to drive customer retention, uncover new sales opportunities, and normalize reporting.
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2022 POI Dallas Summit: Achieving Data Enabled Trade Promotion Excellence

We're sponsoring this year's POI Hybrid Summit in Dallas and hosting a panel with Brodie Nissen from SC Johnson. Join us as he takes you through the evolution of data harmonization and TPM Excellence at SCJ.
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Transitioning from reporting to insights

Many organizations struggle to utilize their data effectively which means they're not using insights to make informed business decisions. Learn how companies can transition from reporting to insights.
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Applications of blockchain technology to support RGM

Solid data sources, data reliability and consistency are the foundation from which all other aspects – mathematical translations, forecasting, smart analytics, optimization and all other insights are based off of.
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Getting your foodservice data to work for you

When companies put their foodservice data to work, they no longer must accept that trade spending losses are a cost of doing business.
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