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Improving Agility, Effectiveness, and Profitability


Trade Promotion Management  |  Optimization

Continuous Trade Imrovement

Requires the Right Solution

Exceedra’s trade promotion management and optimization (TPM/O) solutions enhance the agility and management of all promotion activities. Now you can turn a cost of doing business into an effective marketing tool that will increase sales and finance productivity, improve forecast accuracy and organizational alignment, reduce revenue leakage, and deliver a better return on your trade spend investments.

Retail TPM/O

To be an industry leader, you need a retail trade promotion management solution that keeps pace with a dynamic marketplace. Exceedra’s retail trade TPM/O solution gives you the right set of capabilities to take tighter financial control designed with today’s best practices in integrated planning and revenue management.

Foodservice TPM/O

Exceedra’s foodservice trade promotion management software is a true end-to-end solution that supports the most complex go-to-market strategies in a simplified, easy-to-use contract management tool. This powerful SaaS solution provides at-a-glance, quick information to help you establish control, gain visibility, and ensure accuracy.

Exceedra TPM/O solutions support a collaborative S&OP process to give you real-time visibility to the latest estimates across sales, marketing, finance, demand, and supply planning.

TPM Capabilities

How we Uniquely Help our Clients

Exceedra TPM/O solutions deliver tighter financial controls to reduce TPM administration and increase trade spend ROI by 10-20%. Our robust solutions support a collaborative S&OP process to give you real-time visibility to the latest estimates across sales, marketing, finance, demand, and supply planning.

The Right Solution at the Right Time

Retail TPM/O

At Exceedra, we know your business is unique and requires a solution built with your challenges and marketplace in mind. To make sure you get the solution you need, we offer a variety of retail TPM/O solutions that allow us to serve any consumer goods company around the globe no matter your size, maturity, category, or route to market.

All our TPM/O solutions are designed with built-in best practices to integrate your planning and optimization analysis capabilities so you can improve the overall performance of your trade promotion management. Our solutions, services, and support equip you to solve your retail or foodservice trade management challenges so you can spend smarter and see better results.

Solution Benefits:

  • Complete end-to-end solutions that enable efficient and integrated trade promotion management.
  • Increase sales by 1 to 2 percent, improve trade investment ROI up to 20%, and decrease inventory levels and accounts receivable.
  • Provide aggregated analytics with full drill-down capability that enable specific analyses required by finance teams.
  • Integrate external POS or syndicated data to generate valuable insights that improve forecast accuracy, accruals management, retailer profit modeling, and promotional execution.
“In an environment where our organization’s top priorities are to ensure employee and family safety, then service our retailer partners, we enjoy a level of comfort knowing the Exceedra support team is steadfast and focused on us.”PAUL JAECKEL VP REVENUE GROWTH MANAGEMENT | REYNOLDS CONSUMER PRODUCTS
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra TPM Enterprise 4-month implementation
Key Benefits:
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy by 25-30%
  • Improved margins and trade effectiveness
  • Unpresented visibility to trade accruals, forecasted/actual volumes and spending, as well as claims/deductions
“Pushed by diverse forces such as technological innovations, changing market conditions, and old hardware, we needed to conduct a thorough due diligence process to ensure we selected the best solutions for our needs. We are convinced that Exceedra Retail Execution was the right fit for us.”Curlu Seitumer BSM, BRM, BPM Director | Carlsberg Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month cascaded implementation across the Baltic countries
Key Benefits:
  • Reduced order-taking time and out of stocks
  • Fast KPI availability for top management
  • Improved information flow between sales representatives
“Our partnership with Exceedra is great, we have a great cadence with the support group, everything is like clockwork. We started out the right way and the relationship has matured and grown over the years... it has never felt transactional.”Michael McNeese Director Enterprise Applications | The Hillman Group
Exceedra Customer Since:
Products Implemented:
Exceedra Retail Execution 6-month implementation
Key Benefits:
  • Support revenue growth and order processing objectives
  • Visibility to in store conditions and compliance
  • Processes orders with speed and efficiency
  • Respond to exceptional, unexpected or seasonal events with dynamic ordering

The Right Solution at the Right Time

Foodservice TPM/O

Exceedra Foodservice TPM/O is the industry’s only end-to-end solution with no need for a third-party provider. This best-in-class solution equips you to establish control, gain visibility, and work smarter and faster to drive high-performing sales strategies. 

  • Streamline deduction and settlement processes to improve trade spend by 7-10%.
  • User-friendly UI and online help drive adoption and improve efficiencies by 20-40%.
  • Dedicated project and customer service support teams.

Settlement Services

Exceedra settlement services gives you an advanced perspective on your business and your customers. We offer flexible settlement options from self-serve to full services model to support a wide variety of manufacturer needs. Regardless of the model, our unique algorithms audit every claim to enforce accountability with the original contract to reduce revenue leakage and increase trade spend ROI.

  • Identify a 5-15% error rate
  • Receive and manage claims directly through electronic transmission, email, or postal mail
  • Manage accounts with third-party payment processing

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