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Enabling Agility Through Joined Up Planning

“Through discipline comes freedom.” - Aristotle

Pandemic and pre-pandemic changes in consumption and shopping behaviours mean the Australian, grocery, petrol and convenience sectors have experienced major changes.

Some trends have been accelerated, such as sustainability and shopping local, health and wellness including healthier snacking. Some are new, such as a return to larger shopping trips less often, with higher transaction spend and continued pantry stocking.

The likely continuing disruption to shopping behaviours, not to mention the upcoming predicted summer explosion in socialising events in and out of home. means manufacturers and retailers need to be more aligned than ever. Integrated business planning, revenue management and retail executional excellence capabilities need to be better than ever before in order to respond quickly to changing consumer needs.

At Exceedra, we’ve been assisting Retail World readers navigate the changing landscape with a series of articles on the above topics and others. 
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