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Exceedra Byte: Sales Planning and Execution Platform


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On this week’s episode of Exceedra Byte, Andres Jejen, VP of Solutions Engineering describes the value of creating an integrated sales planning and execution platform that covers aspects of your business processes and enables your organization to get the most of your data workflows.

There are several gateways of data review that are only possible with adequate data flows and alerts in place. Fortunately, the Exceedra systems are rich in features and analytical tools to ensure that the data exchange happens timely, as well as to trigger alerts on specific promotions, campaigns and even execution thresholds to make sure that the right users are notified on time.

All actors, from the account manager creating a promotion, going through the sales operations personnel deploying new promotional campaigns and finally to the end sales rep in the field, are armed with an Exceedra solution that is connected to the rest and will give them the functionalities they need to excel in this process.

To describe it in a simple way: when the account manager sets the business plan for a customer, the Exceedra IBP Solution helps him simulate and review all possible scenarios with the data available and select which promotions to apply in order to have the best return of investment.

Then, with the data analyzed it gets simpler to get the buy in from the retailer as it will be obvious to demonstrate the value that they can get. Once the buy in is set, the account manager launches officially the promotion plan and via data integration the necessary information flows to the Sales and Retail Execution Solution, in which the whole process of probing and validating the compliance is defined.

After that, the sales rep is armed with enough information to perform the compliance checks but more importantly, to address immediately any concerns and report back to sales operations for the execution review. With that information, the account manager can put together a post-event analysis (or an in-flight analysis if required) to study the performance of the promotion plan and to share it with the customer to define the plan for the next execution cycle.

Advantages of a common platform

sales planning and execution

Using a player as Exceedra that provides the integrated solution in a common platform has tremendous advantages above what has been described so far. For instance, several data elements can be shared by the planning and execution solutions, reducing the integration points to manage and sustain.

But there are additional elements. Through the Exceedra Retail Execution Solutions it is possible to determine the time spent in the stores specifically validating promotional compliance and adherence to product placement contracts. Based on that information, a very granular information about the expenditure in store visits can be obtained and plugged in to the analysis of the success of the promotion.

The post-event analysis of the promotion can also be greatly enriched with the promotion placement, coverage and success information coming from the execution solution, and even can be used as a lift factor to increase or decrease the volumes planned and the actual promo budget.

The Return of Investment (RoI) picture is completed with the execution solution, as the probing of the actual execution takes the analysis of the promotion to an unparalleled level of detail, and even further including detailed sell-in information as the Exceedra solutions also cover the aspect of sales and product delivery.

One common element between the two solutions relates to the usage of syndicated information: Being this data of high price and relevance, leveraging it for efficiency in as many fronts as possible increases the value obtained from it.

One good example is the usage of in-store product availability data (such as Nielsen, IRI or retailer data). On one hand, this data serves as a factor of analysis for product demand and rotation in the stores, necessary for the planning of a promotion and its related volumes. But on the other hand, derived from the distribution alerts that can be obtained from the same data, the Execution solution can automatically trigger alerts and actions to happen at the next immediate visit to the store.

And finally, as part of a holistic business planning strategy, trade teams can establish a better strategy to allocate assets into the stores based on the best RoI from them.

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