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Transform your strategy to improve shelf performance, promotion compliance and overall efficiency with Exceedra Retail Execution.

Perform against your organization’s objectives at the highest level possible with effective retail execution

Exceedra Retail Execution is a mobile, flexible and robust CRM software solution designed to support field sales and merchandising in the execution of tasks designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store as well as field efficiency. Field sales are empowered to quickly perform daily in-store tasks, while management is able to analyze, execute, and optimize various sales strategies focused on shelf and category share.


Leveraging the latest-generation technologies on both the mobile and headquarters side, our ultimate objective is to help you increase revenue while reducing costs by optimizing your business strategies along with generating improved field efficiencies.

Companies that use Exceedra Retail Execution and DSD Solutions will reap benefits from the very first day of implementation.​

Our comprehensive software suite enables superior results across critical business processes such as route creation/selling and loading/delivery, along with reconciliation of all route activities. Business processes related to pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting and settlement are both streamlined and better integrated to boost your operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing your revenue..

Whether you are focused on digital merchandising or van selling, we understand the significant nuances between local markets from Asia Pacific to Latin America. Our retail execution and direct store delivery software runs in 75 different countries and in 20 different languages. Our professional services team supports you around the globe.


Investing with Exceedra Retail Execution means minimal risk. We support a number of devices and platforms while requiring no effort for maintenance—giving you back more time to focus on driving profitability.

Active in-store data capture and insights

Rapid Image Recognition to identify the presence and location of products on the shelf

Rapid identification of out of stocks or missing products

Workflows by call type to indicate which tasks should be done at each point of sale






With the always changing market, your sales force needs a field solution for effective selling and merchandising. Exceedra Retail Execution focuses on providing an industry and segment specific suite of features to support them in their everyday tasks. Our RE/DSD solution will quickly allow your team to achieve these three basic actions while they matter the most – the instant they are in the stores.


Identify opportunity areas, exceptions or disruptions in your supply chain or your product availability at the store. Mark the products that are performing well and notice opportunities to increase revenue.


Compare the results of your observations with defined strategic Performance Indicators. Visualize the level of compliance vs. the Picture of the Perfect Store. Get immediate alerts on items that require attention.


Perform your in-store operations: Sales, Deliveries, Merchandising, Account Management, based on decisions driven by data. Implement the strategic plans of the company to drive the best revenue for the available space.

Deliver real-time actionable insights and allow reps to take corrective action at the shelf to drive Perfect Store execution with Rapid Image Recognition (RIR).

One system, six great tools. Everything you need to manage your business is in the power of your hands with POP6. This cloud-based point-of-purchase execution solution was designed to enhance your sales and merchandising teams’ ability to execute and win where it matters most: at the POP!



Simplify, standardize and globalize in-store processes and capabilities with the ability to manage your database

Plan rapid implementations from several weeks to a few short months

Scale and cascade learnings in real-time with activity monitoring and reporting

Focus the field force on the right activities by setting targets at many levels: territory, store, category, SKU, or user

Use specific capabilities to build the ideal planogram and to measure compliance vs plan/Perfect Store scenario

View advanced guided selling capabilities leveraging ML and syndicated data

Reduce margin leakage due to pricing errors, credit mistakes, and erroneous discounts

Add additional visits or delivery stops by optimizing the route for field reps

"We needed an intelligent, mobile solution that would assist our field sales team in providing the right customer service."


Exceedra named Best-In-Class for 4 Categories by POI Retail Execution 2019 Vendor Report

“The impact to in-store execution, pricing analysis, and intelligence is great. In addition, this additional integration flexibility is a substantial benefit and will broaden Exceedra’s reach in the market. We rate Exceedra analytics as Above Average.”

"Harmonized processes and removal of legacy local solutions incremented our sales team efficiency and reduced the cost of ownership of the solutions."



Well before we experienced major impacts to the retail landscape as a result of the COVID-19 virus, retailers and brands around the world were transforming to digital commerce and experiencing the penetration of non-traditional players in their space.

We have hundreds of deployments in more than 75 countries. Rest assured your project will be successful whether you’re rolling out a global template or a single sales team.

Let us show you how the right investment provides the right results.