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On this episode of Exceedra Byte, we dive into the world of retail execution. Find out how Exceedra Retail Execution Solutions help consumer goods companies achieve their aspirations around perfect store all year round.

Imagine elevating your customer team’s sales conversations with retailers, providing meaningful analytics on planogram and promotion compliance, eliminating time consuming tasks, realizing ROI of field force productivity, and delivering the perfect consumer experience.

The good news is all of this is achievable with Exceedra Retail Execution Solutions.

Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Exceedra Retail Execution is an industry leading platform designed to direct, monitor, measure, and improve shelf performance, promotion compliance and field efficiency increasing overall retail customer value.
We have identified the three critical aspects that aid in the consumer goods community achieving their aspirations around perfect store all year round.


Acquiring the right insights from the stores has never been easier and using them to maximize the performance of the brands and increase sales has become a critical success factor. We have identified the three critical aspects that aid in the consumer goods community achieving their aspirations around perfect store all year round.

Exceedra’s Retail Execution Solutions help you win the shelf becoming a more collaborative and trusted retail partner. By identifying mutually beneficial opportunities as well as potential issues, threats, or disruptions you can react faster and more effectively ultimately in-creasing your competitiveness in the space.


Your business management solutions and data assets should allow you to develop strategic direction as well as direct the execution of those strategies down to the retail shelf. With Exceedra Retail Execution, these strategies are integrated, providing all members of the organization with the right visibility of their compliance with the Perfect Store, and enabling them to make improved decisions aimed to increase revenue and profitability, without sacrificing productivity and effectiveness. And above all, the timely approach to data provides your team with real time insights where they matter the most: from the customer level down to the individual stores.


No matter how complex your operation, we have a solution that can help you streamline and improve your processes. Exceedra can help you assess the business process challenges to find the right solution fit for sales, deliveries, merchandising, productivity, and analytics. Our best-in-class solutions provide flexible, depth of functionality, and automation to boost your team’s operational efficiency and maximize revenue.

With Exceedra, you know you are partnering with a trusted industry expert, that works with clients in over 70 countries around the world, who understands your business and is committed to continuously creating value for your company. Give your organization the tool to make the most of every interaction with your customers.

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