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Navigating Promotional Restrictions on HFSS (High Fat Sugar & Salt) Products

It is now more important than ever to measure the effectiveness of promotions and ensure instore compliance and on-shelf availability

Although a challenge that is limited to England in the short term, the forthcoming (October 2022, pushed back from April 2022) regulations around the placement and promotion of High Fat, Salt & Sugar (HFSS) food and drink might well have implications and learnings for the global food industry, as the English government will be by no means the last to intervene in retailing to try and achieve more positive nutritional outcomes.


The new regulations will come into force in October 2022, even though fierce debate continues over the outcomes of the new rules and the disruption that might be inflicted on suppliers, retailers and shoppers alike. Retailers were successful in pushing the implementation back from April, making the thoroughly justifiable point that they have enough on their plate at the moment dealing with Brexit- and Covid-related supply issues.  

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