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Revenue Management: How today's consumer goods leaders are achieving certainty in an uncertain world

Revenue Management

Revenue Management should be front and centre of any overhaul of data strategy and implementation as it can provide more certainty in an era where the pace of change has never been greater.

In a market that was already fast-paced,
constantly evolving and endlessly challenging,
the Covid pandemic heaped even more volatility
onto the FMCG sector: panic buying, supply chain
constraints and huge shifts in shopper behaviour
created significant hurdles for retailers and
suppliers alike.


This eBook is the result of our engagement
with around 100 FMCG leaders. Through
interviews, qualitative and quantitative research,
Exceedra, in collaboration with, has
pulled together the key beliefs, strategies and
operational approaches from some of the
biggest FMCG suppliers in Europe. Among the
main conclusions are:


●The FMCG sector was remarkably resilient
and agile during the pandemic
●Although the industry is awash with data,
stripping out and utilising the most important
data remains a challenge
●Embracing and benefiting from digital
transformation is very inconsistent across
different businesses
●There remains a great deal of progress to
be made in terms of reorganising FMCG
suppliers to better align with the omnichannel
retail sectors that they serve
●The use of Revenue Management disciplines
and tools offers greater foresight and
predictability in an uncertain world

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