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Creating Clarity – A Year in the Making

On 15th March 2020 life in the UK changed as we knew it as. We started to go into official lockdown with events being cancelled, entertainment venues and sports grounds closing and businesses changing to work from home, effectively shutting down entire industries. No one anticipated that a year later we would be in the same situation.

Despite the news that a vaccine has been approved in the UK, it is looking increasingly likely that the UK will be in ‘lockdown’ in one form or another until the middle of the year. The consequence of this extended situation will be felt for years to come as the economic and social cost is assimilated into the economy and way of life.

One known unknown, Brexit, has become a known known. The deal with the EU is done, in the main part, the exception being the financial services’ sector. The winners will be those who adjust fast.

At Exceedra, we have been evaluating the information, data, and statistics to glean some insights in terms of what 2021 holds. We have had conversations with a cross section of our contacts to understand their issues and points of view. This paper pulls together our findings and interpretations, our thoughts, and suggestions

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