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TPM & TPO: Your Planning Toolkit

Our EMEA Customer Director, Alice Harrison and Sales Director, Craig Woolf, discuss the fundamental elements of our TPM and TPO solutions and how they can be integrated together to help consumer goods companies generate a higher return on trade spend and increase profits.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What a trade promotion management (TPM) solution is and how it can deliver an increase of trade spend ROI of up to 25% and improvement of forecast accuracy of up to 30%.
  • How you can generate better insights into historical performance and be faster to react to change.
  • What a trade promotion optimization software is, and how it leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to allow you to make better decisions and ensure you get the best return on trade spend.
  • How TPM is different than TPO, what the benefits of both solutions are, and how they can work together.

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