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[Infographic] See More – Sell More – Perfect Store

The implementation of a good Perfect Store strategy brings you immediate benefits. With a perfect store, you can see more and sell more. You can improve your supply chain by catching disruptions faster, improve your sales and customer relationships, ensure higher product availability and visibility, and improve parts of your trade spend performance by guaranteeing an adequate promotion execution.

So what exactly is a “Perfect Store”? Different organizations might have different interpretations for perfect store, but they follow the same principles: you want to know how far or close your stores are compared to your set standards, and to understand what factors are affecting your perfect store execution.

At Exceedra, we have created a model to examine in detail the evolution of the compliance factors that have an impact on the perfect store analysis which can be accommodated to your specific business requirements.

Optimize your Retail Execution strategy by implementing the "Perfect Store"

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