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Going Direct: Exploring the D2C Opportunity in UK Consumer Goods

Exceedra and Simon-Kucher & Partners are excited to be hosting a joint webinar on “Going Direct: Exploring the D2C opportunity in UK Consumer Goods”

The global pandemic and national lockdowns have accelerated the shift of the consumer journey online. Consumer goods companies have responded by bringing forward plans to go direct to their consumers, capturing a share of e-commerce growth and reducing channel dependency.

The Direct to Consumer (D2C) trend needs to be taken seriously across the industry, and offers many value creating opportunities – but is alien to many who are used to relying on intermediary retailers.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How Consumer Goods firms have been adapting their D2C approach during the resurgent crisis, and what changes we expect to stick
  • The view from UK Consumer Goods firms on how ready they are for this change and where the major capability gaps are
  • Kickstart into execution: 4 key steps in from concept to deployment

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