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Fact Sheet: Rapid Image Recognition

Image Recognition solutions that have always enabled faster decision making at the shelf, have seen renewed interest in 2020, and expected to see rapid growth in 2021 onwards.

Consumer goods companies are losing their brands share of shelf, promotions and displays in-store, and are struggling to react and take quick and decisive action. Image Recognition can reduce the time spent in-store by up to 80% compared to traditional manual counts with greater accuracy enabling step changes in salesforce productivity.

Client sales teams are being asked to deliver quicker and more accurate measurement and tracking of product availability on the shelf, while the time available in store to perform these audits has been significantly reduced. Therefore, companies need to find faster, safer and more accurate ways to gather data and insight from the field to deliver the best possible brand presence in-store, maximize sales and returns on investment.

Delivering real-time actionable insights (in less than 3 minutes) allowing reps to take corrective action at the shelf to drive perfect store execution.

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