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Connecting Your Enterprise: An Opportunity For Perfecting Retail Execution – Microsoft

Exceedra partnered with Microsoft are excited to join together to host our webinar: “Connecting your Enterprise: An opportunity for perfecting retail execution” on Tuesday March 30th. This webinar focuses on how European consumer goods companies can adapt and perfect their retail execution strategies.

We’ve seen an accelerated pace of digitization and transformation driven by the pandemic, our new “Chief Innovation Officer”. Many consumer goods companies are experiencing increased agility through the quickened pace of intentional digitization, and by being able to leverage data more strategically. Yet, are there other areas that are waiting to be leveraged? Are there other ways to look at retail execution as shops open and then close again?

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How do some of the largest companies in the world connect their enterprise with technology
  • What could the democratization of technology mean for retail execution
  • What are some of the challenges on the journey

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