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Weetabix UK

Weetabix strengthened their trade promotion processes and systems to achieve visibility, control and ROI.

Trade spend for Weetabix is, as for many manufacturers, the largest single budget in the business and as such there is a strong pressure to ensure it provides as much return as possible by reaching new consumers as well as securing consumer loyalty.

The lack of clarity of controls and the very manual approval systems heightened the risk of getting it wrong whilst the lack of automation also hampered the efforts of the NAMs in developing relationships with customers and focus on sales. Weetabix had been working with a dated PIF (Promotional Input Form) System since the latter part of 2006. But as market conditions changed and trading conditions became more challenging, Weetabix required more up to date technology to elevate promotional planning to a more strategic planning process, as well as propose and evaluate promotional spend.

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