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Hillman Group

“Our partnership with Exceedra is great, we have a great cadence with the support group, everything is like clockwork. We started out the right way and the relationship has matured and grown over the years... it has never felt transactional.”

The Hillman Group started in 1964 as a fastener company, serving independently-owned hardware stores. Over the past five decades, they’ve leveraged their unique ability to simplify the hardware buying experience and become the industry leader to top home improvement and local hardware retailers. With a “partner” mindset, they have built relationships with more than 26,000 companies, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and many more.

However, as they continue to grow, so does their extensive product catalog. The Hillman group was experiencing challenges with efficiently tracking thousands of products that they were used to auditing in non-traditional ways. Looking for a solution that could accommodate complex selling processes, Exceedra’s Retail Execution solution was selected and they began to digitally transform their retail environment.

Read how Hillman implemented Exceedra to have the flexibility to create different auditing scenarios to fit an extensive catalog of products.

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