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Evaluating Your Retail Execution Solution

Consumer goods companies stand to benefit from a robust Retail Execution solution – a successful in-store execution strategy can help to increase help to increase revenue by capitalizing all the opportunities available at the stores, while maximizing the efficiency of your sales team.
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Category Management

Explosion of new beverages shines a light on the need for category management

Better-for-you and functional beverages development is putting pressure on traditional beverage categories and store layouts. The beverage sector didn’t stand still during the pandemic, with a raft of emerging and new products and subcategories throwing the spotlight on the need for tightly controlled category management to ensure the shopping experience remains simple.
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Confectionery revenue management in COVID times faces headwinds

The past twelve months have been challenging for one of Australia’s favourite categories, confectionery, with sales likely to remain subdued. Pantry stocking of indulgent treats earlier in the pandemic, combined with consumers working from home snacking on anything and everything, resulted in consumer ‘COVID kilo’ weight gains.
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Beer Revenue Management: A juggling act

Downward price pressure in the beer category can be offset by a concerted portfolio, pack and price strategy leveraging consumer trends toward premiumization. Learn how revenue management can become a key tool for businesses to maximise revenue growth through analytics that predict consumer behaviour.
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Exceedra has joined GS1 Australia

Exceedra has joined GS1 Australia to provide ready access to our portfolio of integrated business planning software solutions that help organisations manage trade spend with retail partners, optimise returns on investment and help system the process of claims management.
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Exceedra becomes member of the GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Programme

Exceedra is delighted to become a member of the GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Programme (SPP). GS1 Singapore Limited is part of an international, neutral, not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium with 115 member organisations worldwide, serving more than 150 markets.
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Exceedra partners with the Drinks Association

Exceedra is thrilled to become a Drinks Association Associate Member and looks forward to a long partnership, creating significant and ongoing value for Members through our portfolio of retail technology software solutions.
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Creating clarity in COVID-19 for the Australian market

COVID-19 has put consumer goods manufacturers into unknown waters on a global scale. It has caused changes in consumer buying behavior, with bulk buying, the resurgence of the weekly shop, and an increase in online shopping.
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