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Product: Revenue Management

[Infographic] Revenue Management Approaches

Learn the differences between broad revenue management approaches and the pros & cons of each method. The finance led approach tends to be characterized by looking at the world as
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End of Year Newsletter 2021

“We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our clients for their continued loyalty and our teams for their dedication and sheer determination to succeed. We look forward
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The Post-COVID Promotional Landscape

The COVID pandemic has exerted a mixed impact on a number of pre-existing trends within grocery retailing. In some cases, this impact was one of deep acceleration, such as the
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Navigating Promotional Restrictions on HFSS Products

Although a challenge that is limited to England in the short term, the forthcoming regulations around the placement and promotion of High Fat, Salt & Sugar (HFSS) food and drink
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Préparer vos prochaines négociations dans une plateforme RGM (Revenue Growth Management) intégrée

Comment notamment aborder les principaux défis clés que les industriels du PGC devront surmonter l’année prochaine sur le marché Français ? : L’an prochain, les industriels français des PGC vont être
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POI Mid-Winter Summit 2021: The Integrated Enterprise

This engaging panel will discuss the market conditions, business scenarios and outcomes possible through process alignment and optimizing the use of internal and external data across the value chain. From
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Outlook 2021: Revenue Management in UK Consumer Goods

Exceedra is excited to be partnering with Simon-Kucher & Partners for a joint webinar on “Outlook 2021: Revenue Management in UK Consumer Goods”. The global pandemic saw existing Revenue Management norms and
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How Revenue Management and Technology Develops and Enables Better Sales Organisations

In our one-hour webinar, Ken McWilliams will join Exceedra’s APAC Sales Director, Simon Elsby, and share how different retail environments across the globe are adapting to their changing environments through
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