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Product: Retail TPM

TPM & TPO: Your Planning Toolkit

Our EMEA Customer Director, Alice Harrison and Sales Director, Craig Woolf, discuss the fundamental elements of our TPM and TPO solutions and how they can be integrated together to help
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案例研究: Weetabix

Weetabix加强渠道促进流程以及实现管控和ROI的可见性。 与许多制造商一样,Weetabix的渠道支出是业务上最大的单一预算,因此面临着巨大的压力来通过吸引并获得新消费者来确保得到更可能多的收益回报。 点击下载,您将获得完整案例,以了解Exceedra如何在Weetabix公司部署TPM解决方案。
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Fact Sheet: Gestión de la promoción comercial

El software de gestión de la promoción comercial de Exceedra es una aplicación de software como un servicio (Software as a Service, SaaS) que proporciona información rápida y de fácil comprensión sobre todos los aspectos de su gasto comercial.
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案例研究: KIND 零售

“这项投资带来了巨大的红利” 最初成立于2004年,当时KIND Snacks增加到80,000美国分销。到了2014年,现有系统已经无法持续支持和管理销售计划和结算。尽管KIND的渠道支出产生了积极的总体回报,但制造商无法区分成功和不成功的投入,因此无法实现投资回最大化。 点击下载,您将获得完整案例,以了解Exceedra如何在KIND 零食公司部署TPM解决方案。
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Creating Clarity – A Year in the Making

On 15th March 2020 life in the UK changed as we knew it as. We started to go into official lockdown with events being cancelled, entertainment venues and sports grounds
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Fact Sheet: Trade Promotion Management/Optimization

Trade Promotion Management / Optimization fact sheet: Price and promotion have become a primary driver of sales in the consumer goods industry. This trend has led trade promotion spend to rise to 30% of revenue.
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Building a Business Case to Increase TPM Capability

This paper will focus on optimizing promotions and their related trade spend. This requires a detailed understanding of what and why past promotions have worked and the ability to predict what will work for future promotional offers.
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White Paper: 全球领先Exceedra TPO系统框架如何让您在竞争激烈的市场赢得每一次渠道促销投入

今天,尽管经济可能重新复苏,但个人可支配收入仍然短缺,同时各个渠道之间的价格高透明度令人难以置信。我们的目标是让您的产品在零售环境具有高度可视性,创造让消费者有多次把它放在自己的购物车内的机会。为了获得最大的收益,您需要一个将根据可测量的结果演示正确促销参数的工具。 在竞争激烈的消费品市场中,实现渠道促销活动收益需要采用正确的框架和正确的工具。
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Develop Your Digital

New gains in agility must also involve utilizing 2020 technology to break through to new levels of customer service, operational productivity, and accountability.
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Institut du Commerce: Promotion et Animation Commerciale

As a sponsor of Institut du Commerce, Exceedra will be sponsoring the “Promotion et animation commerciale” digital conference in France on October 15th 2020. The purpose of the conference is to capture
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