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Product: Retail Execution


“The Exceedra team were extremely professional at all stages throughout the process. They delivered a stellar job and were always on time, even when we had to add additional unplanned
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How to Grow Your Top Line with New Product Development

New product development (NPD) is often a cornerstone of growth strategy for grocery suppliers, sitting alongside organic growth and greater efficiency as a means to driving profitability.
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Unicharm China

Read how Exceedra implemented POP6 Sales Force Automation and Rapid Image Recognition to leading consumer goods company, Unicharm China.
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[Infographic] See More – Sell More – Perfect Store

The implementation of a good Perfect Store strategy brings you immediate benefits. With a perfect store, you can see more and sell more. You can improve your supply chain by catching disruptions
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Navigating Through Inflationary Times

Thanks to unparalleled pressures in the cost of raw materials, energy and labour, we have embarked into the most inflationary environment seen for many years. Although retailers are generally more receptive
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eBook: How Today’s Consumer Goods Leaders are Achieving Certainty in an Uncertain World

In collaboration with In a market that was already fast-paced, constantly evolving and endlessly challenging, the COVID pandemic heaped even more volatility onto the FMCG sector: panic buying, supply
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Microsoft eBook: “SUPERHÉROES DE LAS VENTAS” Salvando el día con Exceedra Retail Execution

Nuestra solución de Retail Execution, basada en la nube, equipa a las empresas de bienes de consumo con herramientas de última generación que permiten la validación eficaz de los estándares de cumplimiento de Tienda Perfecta, acelerando el tiempo de resolución de inconvenientes con un incremento dramático en la efectividad de la ejecución.
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How to Deliver Better Outcomes at Retail with Machine Learning and Retail Execution – Microsoft

Microsoft and Exceedra hosted a joint webinar on “How to Deliver Better Outcomes at Retail with Machine Learning and Retail Execution” on Thursday, June 17th. Your organization’s rich data is
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简报: 快速图像识别 RIR

图像识别解决方案能够加快货架成列决策的制定速度,这一特性在2020年重新引起人们的兴趣,并有望在2021年以后实现快速增长。 消费品公司在失去其品牌的货架、促销和店内陈列方面的份额时,通常希望得到及时的真实反馈并采取迅速而果断的行动。与传统的手工计数相比,图像识别可以减少在商店花费的时间高达80%,并且准确性更高,从而可以实现销售人员生产率的逐步变化。 客户的销售团队被要求提供更快、更准确的测量和跟踪货架上的产品可视性,然而销售人员在商店中执行审核的可用时间已经屈指可数。因此,企业需要找到更快、更安全和更准确的方法来收集来自现场的数据和情报,以在店内提供最佳的品牌形象,最大程度地提高销售额和投资回报率。 点击下载,继续阅读 “ Exceedra快速图像识别RIR” 简报。 供实时可行的KPI报告(不到3分钟),销售代表可以及时采取货架陈列纠正措施,以推动完美的商店执行。
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Microsoft eBook: “Retail Superheroes” Save the Day with Exceedra Retail Execution

Whether it’s Retail Execution or Trade Promotion Management, we’ll leverage the power of AI and the robust offerings of Microsoft Azure to boost productivity across your organization while saving you time and money.
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