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Product: Foodservice TPM

White Castle

White Castle improved visibility and forecast accuracy with the Exceedra Trade Promotion Management Solution. Read the case study.
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[Infographic] Foodservice TPM

By keeping track of the performance of trade promotions in near real time, Exceedra Foodservice Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution provides detailed reports, dashboards, and customizable alerts with critical business insights, reducing
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Fact Sheet: Foodservice TPM

Exceedra supplies the only end-to-end TPM Foodservice solution and service without the need of a 3rd party provider. This allows for real-time, accurate analytics to identify trends, measure contract performance and make informed strategic investment decisions.
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Gehl Foods

Gehl Foods realized they needed much better control and visibility with the Trade Management portion of their business.
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The “Great Foodservice Reset”

From manufacturers, to distributors, down to operators, the foodservice supply chain and demands have drastically changed during this global pandemic. The CPG industry is trying to adapt to the rapid shift and address the disruptions in many areas, but how will this effect the future of foodservice?
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The Great Foodservice Reset: The Industry After COVID-19

In this discussion, Jim Klass, an expert in the foodservice, distribution, and manufacturing industry, will give us a glimpse into the possible future of the foodservice business. What will the
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Keeping your Foodservice TPM Capability in Front of the Change

With all the foodservice industry changes and consumer preference changes, the foodservice business has seen significant growth and turbulence that causes a number of challenges for CPG companies. In this
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