POI SUMMIT: “Collaborative Marketing Driven by Advanced Analytics” Nov 6-8, Dallas TX

As a sponsor of POI, the Exceedra Team will be at the conference in Dallas, Texas, Nov 6-8 2019, to help facilitate conversations with manufacturers that are seeking to improve trade spend effectiveness and the TPM process.  This conference is a great way to network and gain a better understanding of industry leaders who are making improvements across a spectrum of capabilities.


Topics covered at the conference include:
Trade Promotion Optimization/Management, Promotion Collaboration, Predictive Analytics: Leveraging Data and Insights, Shopper/Consumer Loyalty, Merchandising & Assortment Strategies, Price Optimization, Sales & Operations Planning (Demand Planning,) Integrated Business Planning: Sales, Customer, & the Supply Chain, Navigating the Solutions Landscape, Basket Building Strategies, Joint Business Planning Strategy/Execution.

We are available to schedule face to face sessions which can be facilitated by completing the request form.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Learn more about the event here:

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