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2022 POI Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama

“The modular yet holistic approach layered onto the portfolio foundation provides the ability to enhance sophistication and capability as your organization evolves, supporting the key challenges in Trade Promotion Management and Advanced Analytics and Optimization, Demand Management, and Sales and Operational Planning across multiple tiers of the industry.”


The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) has released the POI 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama report, naming ‘Best-in-Class’ awards across 21 functional areas. TELUS Consumer Goods has been included in this esteemed list and received ‘Best-in-Class’ distinctions in five functional areas.

The POI 2022 EPx Vendor Panorama report is a part of ongoing leadership efforts by the Promotion Optimization Institute designed to help its members improve their ability to manage holistic enterprise planning, including trade promotions, through the use of enabling technology, and thus improve the entire value chain, enhance trading partner relationships, and drive profitable growth.

The TELUS Consumer Goods portfolio has been architected to support the industry and has re-engineered business processes to fully utilize new technologies. The combination of new data structures, configuration tools, and a new user interface have been specifically designed from the ground up to leverage machine learning and advanced analytics while allowing the customers to own their configuration, setup, and growth of the tool. Supported by an API-first strategy, TELUS CG’s goal is to accelerate their ML utilization to deliver productivity alongside improved business outcomes. Any platform improvement within TELUS’ Forecasting and Analytics engine has the potential to be rolled out to any platform in the TELUS CG portfolio. 

Exceedra received a "best-in-class" distinction for the following categories:​
  • Enterprise Planning IBP/S&OP Capabilities: Sales volume planning inputs that flow into the demand planning/forecast/Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process. Ability to incorporate building blocks and assumptions into the plan to seamlessly flow HQ inputs into the sales plan and sales insights back to HQ and into the IBP process. May include demand signals and provide visibility to risks & opportunities
  • TPx for Tier 2&3 Organizations &/or Other Tier 1 International Geographies​: TPx that utilizes a templatized process or streamlined capabilities and configuration providing simplicity and quicker implementations for T2/T3 and/or other Tier 1 international geographies. The sweet spot here is “solid, just enough” TPx capabilities that are fast to deploy
  • Data Management​​: Cleansing, harmonizing and staging of data prior to; or as part of a project implementation. Can also include data management processes to ensure ongoing data readiness
  • Bespoke RGM Solution​: Bespoke RGM process, analytics and services to enable the cross-functional practice of revenue growth management advancing the 5 pillars of RGM (noted above); yet are designed and customized based on the specific the needs of the client
  • Food Service​: Supports the specific and complex foodservice contracts, pricing, CRM functions and deductions & settlements involved in managing the numerous layers of distributor/outlets involved in the foodservice channel

About TELUS Consumer Goods

TELUS Consumer Goods creates producer-to-consumer outcomes. We deliver digital insights that empower and connect customers, from producers to consumers, around the world, improving the quality, safety, distribution, and sustainability of food and consumer goods. We are a complete holistic end-to-end-enterprise planning partner across both Retail and Foodservice. (Formerly Exceedra, Blacksmith Applications, TABS Analytics, & Decision Insight).

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