Right Investment. Right Results.


Establish Control

Gain Visibility &

Ensure Accuracy

Our solution enables you to work faster and smarter while gaining rich insights to drive high-performing sales strategies.

Backed by 30 years of expertise, we understand the complexity of the Foodservice market

The Exceedra Foodservice Trade Promotion Management software is a true end-to-end solution that supports the most complex go-to-market strategies – all in a simplified, easy-to-use contract management tool.


If you work in a foodservice company’s finance, marketing or sales department, you are all too familiar with the complexities associated with managing trade spending. Our Foodservice TPM solution is a SaaS application that provides at-a-glance, quick information for every aspect of your business.

Exceedra supplies the only end-to-end Foodservice TPM solution and service without the need of a third party provider.

Exceedra Foodservice TPM was designed to streamline and simplify contract management, expedite claim/deduction processing, and gain unparalleled operator end user location insights. Our solution supports all size manufacturers from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

Multi-Tenant SaaS Software with 1-2 product releases a year & no upgrade fees

On-time, on-budget implementation with quick time to value

Real-time, accurate analytics and KPIs

SSAE 18 / SOC 1 / SOC 2 Compliant

Single Sign-On (SSO) with third-party authentication for added security

Ease of use and intuitive workflows

Low risk proven solution scalability from Tier 1 to Tier 3

Significant ROI from catching invalid claim errors


    Distributor & Operator Contracts, Accrual Management

    Contract Creation & Management, Street Coupon Portal, Initial Exposure


    CRM & Sales Force Automation

    Control Panel, Administration, Operator Opportunity Management


    Claims, Deductions, Payment Management

    Data Acquisition & Management, Claim Validations & Tolerances, Rebate Management


    Reporting, Compliance & Performance

    Sales Reporting, Distributor & Operator Spend, Contract Exposure, Change Audit

“Exceedra is processing claims faster than the deductions are coming in. The deduction balance is the lowest it has been since I started at Bridgford.”

- Ray Lancy, CFO Bridgford Foods

Managing trade spending efficiently and in a way that drives business growth and profitability is difficult. When resources are stretched thin, it’s even more challenging to dedicate the time and effort needed to effectively control the trade spend process.   We understand how losing money due to invalid deductions and payments impacts a manufacturer’s bottom line. Our system establishes controls, improves visibility and ensures accuracy, resulting in a significant return on your investment within the first year.

Our automated trade promotion management solutions can help foodservice companies gain the visibility they need and regain control over their trade spend process and outcomes.



Automate deduction and settlement processes to improve trade spend by 7-10%


Streamline data sharing with distributors and operators for cost deductions of up to 30%


User friendly UI & online help drives adoption and improves efficiencies 20-40%

Our software provides progressively higher levels of claim validation control which prevents overpayments as well as documents payment decisions with a high level of accuracy — all in a single, auditable system of record.


Create scenarios based on YTD plan

Identify & manage double-dipping via electronic claim data

Adjust volumes with automated smart contracts

Drill into data to identify the cause of sale fluctuation

Evaluate pricing tactics to achieve a higher increase in sales

Increase operator loyalty program performance

Drive street business to strategic segments with Operator Database

Uncover growth opportunities by identifying sales voids


From manufacturers, to distributors, down to operators, the foodservice supply chain and demands have drastically changed during this global pandemic. The CPG industry is trying to adapt to the rapid shift and address the disruptions in many areas, but how will this effect the future of foodservice?

With Exceedra Foodservice TPM’s full range of integrated trade promotion optimization capabilities, we take the guessing out of knowing which promotions will work.

Let us show you how the right investment provides the right results.