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Exceedra Foodservice TPM Explained


The current Foodservice environment presents a multi-faceted route to market with an increasing number of players in the marketplace which creates the continued demand for multiple layers of trade investment. With hundreds of trade agreements in place, it can be hard to keep track of who is owed what. Manufacturers often lose thousands to millions of dollars each year by paying on erroneous trade promotions claims.


Exceedra has worked with leading manufacturers for over three decades to collaboratively develop proven processes that allow us to take control of the trade promotion process. This experience is supported with both technical and industry expertise, as well as an intuitive solution bridge with powerful tools that help you track, manage, and settle your trade promotion claims.


The contract is the corner stone to your trade foundation. Contract management provides the means to improve relationships with your customers ensuring accurate consistent communication of all trade details. Having a centralized repository allows all stakeholders to have an insight into the field commitments to help manage trade spend and accruals with ease.

Exceedra Foodservice TPM

Exceedra’s intuitive management software workflows have been designed to enable quick and easy review and approval on any device from anywhere. The dreaded billback and rebate management process can now be viewed as a means to gain advanced perspective on your business and your customers, not otherwise attainable.


Exceedra offers flexible settlement options to support varied manufacturer needs. From a self-serve model that allows manufacturers to enter and manage their own claims to a full-service model where Exceedra can receive and manage claims directly through electronic transmission, e-mail, or postal mail.


Regardless of the model, our unique algorithms will audit each claim and validate it against the original contract, down to SKU level detail. Our business process has been proven to identify up to 15% error rate, supporting our clients with an immediate return on investment.


Once all claim details have been validated, Exceedra can act as a third-party payer, paying claims within five business days. For manufacturers who prefer to manage the payment cycle internally, Exceedra can provide your team the necessary details, including any discrepancies with the rebill letter to support an efficient payment.

Foodservice TPM

By keeping track of the performance of trade promotions in near real time, Exceedra Foodservice Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution provides detailed reports, dashboards, and customizable alerts with critical business insights, reducing the time spent gathering and interpreting data. This means manufacturers can establish more effective trade agreements leveraging the learnings from historical results which ultimately equates to money saved and profits increased.

Gaining powerful insights about your end location customer can support your team to:

  • drive compliance and reduce/eliminate double dipping scenarios
  • review operator trends
  • identify white space opportunities
  • determine the percentages of contract vs street volume.

We understand that business is fluid and we have designed our solution for your business with “on the go” in mind – from a contract and approval workflow, through to user-customized dashboards and alerts and directly to your mobile device. With Exceedra Foodservice TPM solution , your team has access to the management tools that will propel your business forward.

To learn more about our Foodservice TPM process download the infographic below.


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