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Exceedra Byte: Improving Foodservice Data Management


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On this week’s episode of Exceedra Byte, we illustrate how an intelligent foodservice data management capability improves the entire Trade Promotion Management (TPM) process from actualizing contracts to matching claims.

From the solution provider perspective, the foundation for any system is built on the data that is fed into it. The data acquisition and management process starts with the client master data (e.g. customer, product, pricing, margin info) and this is the basis needed for mapping.

Next is the acquisition of external data. The trouble is in foodservice there is a lot of external data from many sources in many different formats. Automation helps to collect all the data no matter what format or source.

The next stage of the process is leveraging the library of algorithms to cleanse and match the data to the client master data set. This significantly reduces the effort and surfaces only the exceptions into a cue to finalize the data set.

Then it is published for use in the next stage of process where the data is validated against the contract and claim information.

An intelligent data management capability provides the foundation for the entire contract management settlement process. This also enables the contracts to be matched to claims. Bottom line is this saves money, effort, errors, headaches, and a lot of manual intervention.

Exceedra has been in this business through a lot of change and acquisitions over the past 35 years.  Over this time, we have amassed the substantial master operator data base. The bottom line is this is what allows you to identify the whitespace where your products are not currently selling.

The segmentation data from sources such as Datassential or others can be merged to help classify the opportunity.

Another use of the operator data is within our Coupon Portal which helps to drive the street business. This solution leverages the operator data to allow the targeting of strategic segments for the delivery of targeted coupon offers.

The operators register and then submit claims through the portal where they are validated and paid. The benefits include managing the IRS requirements to set up and the ongoing 1099 reporting. The validation ensures you pay for what was purchased.

Benefits from the right data management

  • Turnkey solution for internal and external integration
  • AI and automation for business-critical mapping of distributor & operator data to manufacturer
  • Foundation for automating claims validation and earned income/growth payments
  • Leverage a Master Operator Database to drive business and validate claims & payments

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