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Exceedra has joined GS1 Australia

GS1 is at the forefront of eCommerce and supply chain management initiatives, and are committed to helping Australian businesses adopt the world’s best practice supply chain management techniques and streamline their processes.

Exceedra has joined GS1 Australia to provide ready access to our portfolio of integrated business planning software solutions that help organisations manage trade spend with retail partners, optimise returns on investment and help system the process of claims management.

Exceedra’s software solutions work with GS1 standards in a few different ways with our clients, who are typically manufacturers with SKUs sold in grocery, pharmacy, and traditional provision retail channels in Australia, including API information transfers with our Salesforce Automation (SFA) and Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solutions, and master data transfer between ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle. Barcode and RFID capture capability in our SFA solutions help manage KPI’s in retail outlets such as measuring out of stocks on shelf and compliance, to a range of in-store activities, as well as productivity of sales teams through route and territory optimisation.

In September 2020, Exceedra was acquired by the TELUS family as part of our wider vision on the future of digitizing the consumer goods industry and the critical role technology will play in the value chain life cycle for the industry. In November, we also (along with seven other companies), came together to create a global leader in AgTech: TELUS Agriculture. One of the biggest social challenges we face today is the access to quality and safe consumer products that can be traced back from their origin to our homes.

Now as part of TELUS Agriculture, we are making a commitment to help the entire agriculture, food, and consumer goods industry leverage technology to realize our collective potential. We believe that by using technology for good to unlock valuable data, each contributor in the value chain can achieve greater efficiency, collaboration, and profitability, while producing food more safely and sustainably. As an independent and neutral technology provider that is driven by a strong social purpose, we believe we are the right partner to help the industry achieve this.

We serve thousands of customers in more than 50 countries, with innovative and configurable solutions that are proven to optimise your potential with automated processes, improved productivity, and rapid time to value. Whether you operate in global or local markets, our offices around the world can help you drive value and increase profits.

Exceedra provides assurance that you are partnering with a trusted industry expert that understands your business and is committed to continuously driving value for GS1 Australia members.

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