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Exceedra launches “Global Customer Success” Program

The Global Customer Success team will ensure our customers are the central focus to all areas of Exceedra, from Product Development through to Services and Support.

Exceedra has embarked on an exciting journey with the creation of a new business unit – Global Customer Success (GCS).

The Global Customer Success team has a mission to increase sustainable, proven value to our customers, reflecting Customer Success industry best practices demonstrated by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft.

Exceedra has evolved rapidly since merging with AFS Technologies in March 2019, with the combined organization offering a rich distribution of products and services globally. As with any fast expansion, this scale of growth can present both challenges and opportunities. The creation of this new business unit is our opportunity to re-align our organization around our customers’ needs, forming a strong line of communication to help improve the quality of our products, and ensure full utilization and best practices are maintained. Global Customer Success spans across our key business units in all major regions, supporting around 800 customers in total. Our team comes with a broad range of experience and backgrounds, covering different industry verticals, solution footprints, delivery, sales and support, which we believe will help customers along every step of their journey with Exceedra. 

Focusing on customer's needs

Our team are taking the time to evaluate general approaches to Customer Success across other industries to bring together the most holistic and relevant approach we feel will bring value to our client base.  We understand and believe that however we engage with our customers, the intent is to ensure each touch point delivers something back for the time invested.  To coin a phrase, as a customer with Exceedra – your success will be our success. GCS aims to be Trusted Advisors to our customer base, facilitating action and initiatives that will deliver value to our partnership and encourage collaboration across all stakeholders.

About Exceedra

Exceedra is a leading global pure play consumer goods solution provider that strives to continually create business value for our clients. We equip consumer goods companies with smarter sales and distribution capabilities that improve agility, increase efficiency, and enable better decisions in order to increase profitability. We provide assurance that our clients are partnering with a trusted industry expert that understands their business and is committed to continuously driving value for their company.

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