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exceedra offers best-in-class solutions and a support team committed to your success

Given the variety of solutions in our product suite, we leverage the approach best suited for the solution and the customer’s needs. Our professionals bring decades of industry, software, data, and process experience to help you onboard smoothly and efficiently. With this depth of understanding, we are able to truly partner with you in defining a solution that is customized to your organization.


Here is what some of our customers had to say:


"Exceedra offers all the functionality we require to support our integrated planning processes."


"After evaluating the marketplace, we’ve chosen Exceedra as our partner to help improve our capabilities and streamline the overall process so that sales team has more time to devote to analysis and selling."


"Exceedra allows us to connect people and processes and enabled simplification across our organization."


"With Exceedra we have greater visibility, accountability and ownership."


"We chose Exceedra due to their ease of use and short project delivery timelines. We wanted the project to simplify the business by reducing the amount of spreadsheet-based forecasts and reports being produced."


"Exceedra has given us a concrete capability to move to the next level of IBP maturity."


"Exceedra will help Corby transform our business and prepare for the future changes in the Canadian marketplace."


"Having the entire business collaborating on a joined-up plan is a major step forward for the organization."


"The cloud-delivered version of the Exceedra solution offers excellent functionality and flexibility."


"Exceedra is easy to use, very intuitive, and enables us to develop our business in these competitive times."


"Exceedra has allowed us to improve forecast accuracy by over 10%"


“The Exceedra Customer Support team is hands down, the best vendor support I’ve encountered.  The support team doesn’t skip a beat and provides responses timely, follows through to ensure questions and tasks are completed to satisfaction. The Exceedra support team is very much a critical partner and we very much appreciate the partnership!”


"Exceedra’s solution is providing us with better visibility, insights and decision-making capabilities.`"


"We selected Exceedra as our TPM system provider, ahead of a number of other International solutions, following a year-long tender process."


"The Exceedra solution provides us with much greater Forecast Accuracy as a result of improved visibility of both availability and stock."


"Exceedra has a highly capable and easy-to-use solution that significantly improves how we plan the business today."


"We are confident that the Exceedra solution will enable a step change in our Commercial Planning capability."


“In an environment where our organization’s top priorities are to ensure employee and family safety, then service our retailer partners, we enjoy a level of comfort knowing the AFS/Exceedra Client Support team is steadfast and focused on us."


"Business as usual for us…no issues with any support we have needed during the pandemic."


"Exceedra is established as the ‘value add’ central business planning tool within Symingtons."


"We researched the market and established Exceedra as the leading provider for Integrated Business Planning and Trade Promotion Management."


"Exceedra has delivered on all fronts and we now have a platform that is enabling Valeo Foods to integrate all its business planning activities, optimise our promotional spend and ultimately better serve our customers."


"By having a greater insight to true profitability, Exceedra has allowed the business to alter the strategy of our brands and accounts."


"Exceedra closely meets our requirements in support of the company’s Integrated Business Planning Process."


"Exceedra gives us real-time access to promotional data and P&L for ‘Live’ reporting and strategic business decision making."

Let us show you how the right investment provides the right results.