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How do Consumer Goods Organizations Improve

Data Into Action

Transforming Data Into Action Challenges

Seventy-six percent of consumer goods companies report having challenges with foundational data despite the growing need for a single set of data that can integrate planning and execution across the enterprise. Many manufacturers struggle to know what quality data is and how to access the right data for specific needs. High quality data is one of the most valuable assets any company has. The right data will significantly improve business performance, agility, visibility, alignment, and profitability.

Data Harmonization

Disparate data sources is a significant challenge for many consumer goods companies. These companies waste significant time and money trying get real value from multiple misaligned data sets. Without a single source of truth across the entire enterprise, organizations struggle to identify new opportunities, TPM investments are compromised, and partnership collaboration is a challenge.

  • How do I manage multiple data sets and get value from them?
  • How do I spend less time aligning my data?

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Identifying the Data You Need

The right data is a fundamental element for effective sales, promotion, demand and supply forecasting, planning, and implementation. Knowing what the best data is for your needs is an ongoing challenge for many manufacturers. To create visibility and confidence in your data quality you need an effective way to:

  • Determine key data points needed for a specific task.
  • Understand the data source, the applied calculations, how old the data is, and how it is trending year-on-year and month-on-month.
  • Provide a “single source of truth” analytics platform available across the organization.

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Knowing Where to Find the Right Data

Many manufacturers have gathered a massive amount of data concerning every aspect of their operations. Not knowing where to locate the information you need can slow down key decision-making processes. To quickly and easily provide answers to key business questions, you need a way to:

  • Set up a dashboard of key metrics needed to evaluate the organization on a day-to-day-basis.
  • Configure scheduled reports and dashboards to only show information relevant to the problem you are trying to solve or KPI you need to measure.
  • Classify data into groups with units and toggles to allow for fast, easy access.
  • Identify what data can be pre-aggregated for faster analysis and what data needs to be available in real time for ad-hoc reporting.

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Learn How to Overcome Your Transforming Data Into Action Challenges

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