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How do Consumer Goods Organizations Create

Trade Promotion

Trade Promotion Excellence Challenges

Effective trade promotion management is one of the biggest challenges many manufacturers face. To be successful, TPM needs focus and an accurate understanding of the problems you are trying to solve. Are you simply trying to analyze your promotional performance and ROI? Understand the impact of promotions on your integrated business plan? Connect the dots between sales, demand planning, finance, and RGM? Or define your financial liabilities through accruals and settlements? 

Tracking Promotional Performance and ROI

Many consumer goods companies spend more than 20 percent of their revenues on trade spend but struggle to know if their promotion activities are delivering the desired returns. To improve trade spend effectiveness, you need ask yourself:

  • How can I increase visibility on all trade spend promotions?
  • How do I ensure we are running the best promotions for our customers?
  • Is there a way to track actual promotion costs to control overspend and optimize ROI?

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Improving Business Planning with Retail Partners

Effective trade promotions require careful planning and coordination between manufacturers and retail outlets. But many consumer goods companies don’t have a clear picture of whether their integrated planning is effective or not. To improve joint planning, you need answers to the right questions.

  • How can I execute post-event analysis to gain sales performance insights?
  • What are the right retailer metrics to improve promotion sales?
  • What are best practices to track performance across comparable channels and store formats?

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Achieving a One-Number Forecast

Effective trade spend requires input from numerous teams from sales and demand planning to finance and RGM. But forecasting can be a challenge if these teams are not effectively aligned and utilize disparate processes. To ensure forecasting accuracy, you need to ask yourself:

  • How do I eliminate spreadsheet and disparate processes while improving forecasting accuracy?
  • Is there an effective way to establish a single set of numbers for all departments to work from?
  • Is it possible to map my top-down plan against my bottom-up plan?

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Allowing for the Right Financial Liabilities

Effective trade promotion management requires accurate alignment between invoices and deductions. Many manufacturers calculate financial liabilities with manual processes that are time consuming and vulnerable to human errors. To reduce overspend of retro activities, you need to ask yourself:

  • How can I calculate accruals inside my trade solution and integrate them with my ERP?
  • What is the best way to align customer invoices and deductions with specific promotional events?
  • How do I use actual spend levels to better understand performance?

Learn how Exceedra can help you improve trade promotion performance with better integrated planning.

Learn How to Overcome Your Trade Promotion Management Challenges

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