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How do Consumer Goods Organizations Improve

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Challenges

Implementing a transparent and accurate supply chain management solution can seem like an impossible task. But without a reliable way to manage the flow of supply chain activities many food manufacturers compromise profits and performance because they don’t know what and when to order, how to improve SLAs, or how take advantage of lucrative sales opportunities.

Improving Purchasing Visibility

Optimizing inventory purchasing is an effective strategy to increasing profits. For food manufacturers, knowing what to buy, when to buy it, and how much to pay can be an ongoing challenge that impacts overall performance. To gain visibility across your entire supply chain, you need to ask yourself:

  • How do I ensure proper order volumes, pricing, and schedules?
  • How can I achieve pricing flexibility?
  • How do I streamline ordering while allowing for adjustability?

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Meeting and Optimizing SLAs

Mutually beneficial service level agreements are the backbone of healthy retailer relationships. Failing to keep track of SLA details puts manufacturers at risk for contract breaches, losing customers, and compromising profits. To ensure proper SLA execution, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is it possible to centralize deal details and track contract management?
  • How do I properly allocate across all inventory and fulfillment commitments?
  • How can I improve A/R and A/P integration?

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Improving Sales

Comprehensive data is a valuable asset to empowering and increasing sales. Without the essential data, manufacturers can suffer from missed sales opportunities that are essential for increased profitability. To ensure you can identify and pursue key whitespace opportunities you need answers to key questions:

  • How can I access real-time accurate information from your ERP, WMS, POD and G2?
  • What are the best metrics for advanced pricing and margin analysis?
  • How can I accrue complementary and suggested product information?
  • What are the best in-product marketing tools?

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Learn How to Overcome Your Supply Chain Management Challenges

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