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How do Consumer Goods Organizations Create

Retail Excellence

Retail Excellence Challenges

Achieving the perfect store for your categories is challenging due to the ever-changing nature of products, promotions, and retailers. To strengthen and grow your presence in a retail environment, many manufacturers struggle to effectively develop a value-adding field force, comply with the highest in-store standards of execution, and make sure your products are in the right stores and on the shelves at the right time.

Maintaining an Effective Field Force

Ensuring your sales force is meeting or exceeding sales targets is essential to achieving retail excellence. For manufacturers, knowing where to allocate your field force for optimum outcomes is a daily challenge. To increase sales, you need an effective way to assess:

  • Is my field force visiting the right stores?
  • Are they executing the right in-store activities?
  • Are they maintaining healthy relationships with retailers?

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Achieving In-Store Standards of Execution

For shoppers to enjoy a Perfect Store experience, manufacturers are challenged to comply with the most accurate and sophisticated in-store standards of execution. To provide the best in-store experience, you need a way to assess:

  • Are my product visibility and accessibility optimized?
  • What are the proper price points and promotions to achieve the Perfect Store experience?
  • How do I improve brand awareness and perception?

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Improving Strategic Business Decisions

Making the best strategic business decisions is the key to ensuring your product is flying off the shelves. But many manufacturers lack the appropriate information to improve decision making. To develop and execute a Perfect Store strategy, you need the right answers to the right questions:

  • How do supply chain disruptions impact availability?
  • What can historic sales data tell me about product performance?
  • What is the best way to analyze Perform Perfect Store to focus field force activities?

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Learn How to Overcome Your Retail Excellence Challenges

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