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How do Consumer Goods Organizations Improve

Project Preparation, Development & Implementation

Project Preparation, Development & Implementation Challenges

Many manufacturers retain inefficient and error-prone processes because the challenges involved with new software implementation seem risky. Companies can usually identify their current problems, but struggle to articulate the objective, solution, and end state of a new system implementation. New solutions are often dismissed because there is no clear picture of the business needs, data capture seems complex, and there is disagreement about how to move forward. 

Understanding the Needs of the Business

Defining the problems that interfere with performance is usually a straightforward task. Envisioning the solution and the path to reach it is a much bigger challenge. When considering a new system implementation, ask yourself:

  • How can I compare the financial and organizational benefits of a system change against the risks of retaining the status quo?
  • What are the system requirements and processes needed to implement a new solution?
  • What new systems, processes, workflows, and outcomes are required for every department that will benefit from a new solution implementation?

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Complex Data Requirements

Implementing a new software solution requires a significant amount of data transfer. Manufacturers often find that they don’t have or cannot easily access enterprise data at the level of granularity needed making the data capture complex and time consuming. When considering a new system implementation, you need to ask yourself:

  • What are the the data requirements and necessary levels of granularity for each impacted department?
  • Where and how do I access that data?
  • How can I reduce the complexity and time required to capture the data?

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Division Among Stakeholders

When considering the implementation of a new software solution, manufacturers often face significant division among stakeholders regarding the best path forward. This is often because there is no up-to-date performance measurement, various departments have conflicting views of the desired outcomes, or there may be a lack of executive sponsorship for the initiative. When considering a new system implementation, you to ask yourself:

  • How do I create one version of the truth regarding actual current performance levels?
  • Can I configuring the new system to meet the needs of various user groups rather than implementing a one-size-fits-all solution?
  • What is the proper process and approach to system implementation?

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Learn How to Overcome Your Project Preparation, Development & Implementation Challenges

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